I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m a player of contradictions. I’ve played for both Men’s and Women’s Programs, yet never fully got to experience either. I’ve compiled historical research and undertook great lengths to understand my program’s past, yet I’ve never gotten to enjoy the present thanks to COVID. I was the first-ever transgender captain in the program, yet “captain” is such a loose and relative term when it comes to my position in the past year.

I feel like an imposter whenever I claim that I’m “captain”, especially compared to the amazing powerful leaders of the past.

Everything’s in stasis. COVID-19 swept through our country and slowed everything down to virtually a standstill. It’s hard to stay upbeat and positive when on the daily, businesses close, jobs are lost, lives interrupted, and innocent people die.

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

On the other hand, for me at least, everything’s still very much in motion.

I started writing an hour a day. I worked an amazing remote internship based in Los Angeles with a group of empowering and inspiring mentors. I was accepted into both the Writing for the Screen and Advanced Directing sequences for my film major. …

Cover Art by Robbi Rodriguez

Dear Marvel,

I’m writing to you today (12–5–2020) to express my interest in writing/directing the newest live-action Spider-Gwen TV series, which is to also recognize that there indeed are no current plans for a live-action TV series.

I’m not speaking to the modern day iteration of the company, which is owned by Disney and has seen massive success in the past two decades, but rather, to the future generation of Marvel, after superhero movies are just enough on the decline where making another one can be seen as “quirky” and “fresh”, and when Netflix inevitably takes over Disney in the…

Silence = Death

On June 12, 2020, the Trump administration finalized a regulation which effectively erases legal protections for transgender patients against discrimination by doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies. Cruelly, he redefines the word “sex”, and through this legalese he’s enabled health services to refuse care to transgender patients.

They argue that these initial protections “coerced” doctors into performing procedures such as sexual reassignment and hormone replacement therapy. They listened to Mr. Severino, who’s had extensive experience litigating religious cases, stated that “controversial procedures, such as ‘sex-reassignment’ surgery… have not been proven to be effective in treating serious mental…

I didn’t always feel like I belonged.

Other women have had years to figure out what I’d compressed in about thirteen months. It feels like I’ve always had to play catch up since I rarely seem to know what I’m doing. Even now when I have passing privilege, which means that when people meet me they automatically assume I was assigned female at birth — even then, I’m still struggling to feel “normal” again.

Because there’s that girl inside me who never got to experience her childhood, and that always makes me feel lesser to just about everyone else, which…

Some say that every breath a trans person takes is an act of rebellion. Personally, I believe that those expectations are way too high to ask of any individual.

That being said —

— To anyone out there who are questioning, who don’t think that they can be who they’re meant to be, and who are hurting right now —

— To myself from just a year ago.

This one’s for you.

All of this is for you.

Following my last update, I was playing in the Chicago Mixed Club scene as a male-matching player over the Summer — despite…

Hey 19-year-old Me,

Last night, I got chased out by a raccoon. Literally.

While I was doing ab workouts in a feeble attempt to stave off my food addiction (yep, we’re still on that grind), I noticed a four-legged creature scurry my way. I was doing crunches and, somehow, the sight of a twenty-something pound raccoon in pursuit was even scarier upside down.

Anyway, after screaming like a wuss and running away (yep, we still do that too), I watched the primordial beast dig through my pack and all of my belongings before scurrying away, carefree.

The scene of the crime

Being me (or “us”…

Welcome to the first episode of Food Adventures — a podcast which I’m using as an excuse to eat good food with my friends.

Born and raised in the United States, Isaiah Mendoza recounts what eating Puerto Rican food means to him. In this inaugural episode, we go to La Bomba in Logan Square to take a deep look into dishes such as Arroz Con Gandules and Alcapurrias, as well as drinks like Coco Rico. In that time, we explore different facets of Puerto Rico: from the geography of the land and Isaiah’s familial hometown, to the recent devastating effects and political implications of Hurricane Maria.

La Bomba, located on 3221 W. Armitage, Chicago IL

It’s probably important to note that there’s a part one to my adventures here, where I outline the experience of playing for a college ultimate team coming straight out of high school.

On the other hand, this year was a completely new beast compared to last year — I’ve literally hit all the extremes. I played some of the best ultimate that I ever have, and I’ve played like literal garbage. My heart was broken in so many different ways, and yet I faced some of the happiest times which I’ll be cherishing for the rest of my life.


How the screenwriter’s creation transcends all expectations

(Colleen Hayes/NBC

As my boring summer draws to a close, the post-binge blues have already begun. I had a good time — in these past three months, I’ve succeeded in binging beloved series like The Office, as well as finally getting around to massively-hyped shows like Westworld.

I watched a ton of TV this Summer (more than I care to admit). Yet, in my mind, one show stuck out to me as something special — something that we entertainment-obsessed people need to begin talking about.

I speak, of course, of The Good Place.

Buckle up your seat belts, friends, for this time…

Rey Tang

Ultimate Player, Filmmaker, and Lifelong Foodie

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